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Transferring settings to another FRITZ!Box

When you buy a new FRITZ!Box, you don't necessarily have to configure it from scratch: You can save data and settings on the old box and reactivate them later, on the same device or on a different one. But this feature is also useful in other cases.

Step 1: Generate a backup

All current FRITZ!Box models offer the option to back up the configuration. To make a backup, log in to the user interface of your FRITZ!Box, go to the navigation bar and click first "System" and then "Backup". Follow the simple instructions on the screen. Be sure to take note of the password you assign here, because you will need it to use the backup file later.

Alternatively, generate a backup automatically using the "Backup" push service. Then the settings are automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified whenever factory settings are loaded or FRITZ!OS is updated.

Step 2: Restore the configuration

If you would like to load the settings, click in the user interface in the same place you did to back them up, and then go to the "Restore" tab. Select the file you generated and saved in step one. Then enter the password. Here you also have the possibility to choose between restoring all settings or only selected settings. Once the file is loaded and the settings have been restored, the FRITZ!Box will be restarted.

Transferring settings: When is this useful?

If you replace a FRITZ!Box with a new one of the same model, this way you can transfer all of the settings saved on the device to the new one. These include Internet account information, port sharing settings, users, settings for DHCP and wireless LAN, but also telephony data, telephone books, call lists and much more.

If you are replacing the old box with a newer model, only the basic settings can be transferred: For instance, all of the functions supported by both devices. For more details, please consult our Knowledge Base.

Even if you are not necessarily planning to switch devices, making a backup is always recommended. It never hurts to have a backup on hand! Besides, with just a few clicks you can restore the last configuration that worked well without losing your settings.