• Ideal for FRITZ!Box

  • Top voice quality

  • High-quality color display

  • Long battery life

  • Email, RSS feeds, web radio

  • Media player and Smart Home control

Compelling design

The FRITZ Fon C6 has been updated with a new look and minimalist design. The ergonomic, illuminated keypad with a message indicator and the high-resolution colour display make using the FRITZ!Fon a pleasure.

More convenience on the phone

User friendliness is very important to us. Making phone calls convenient for you Thanks to the updated ergonomics and intuitive operation, the FRITZ!Fon C6 is even easier to hold when making calls. The feel of the keypad is even better and the tactile keys make the phone safe and easy to use.

Individual start screens and designs

Keep an overview of your calls or select a start screen that displays the technical data of your FRITZ!Box such as its connection status and wireless LAN usage. Alternatively, opt for the retro design with an analog clock in different designs. The choice is yours!

Natural sound thanks to HD telephony

For ultimate speech intelligibility, the FRITZ!Fon C6 supports HD telephony, which transmits voices more naturally than traditional voice transmission. Phone calls are fun – with the FRITZ!Fon C6 and its clear, pleasant sound.

Making phone calls fun

The FRITZ!Fon C6 offers all of the familiar FRITZ!Fon features, including HD telephony, an answering machine, and multiple telephone books. Convenience features such as Smart Home applications, web radio, receiving emails, baby monitors or alarms are also included.

New features such as the display of town/city or country names for calls or the addition of up to five own ring tones are also available for the FRITZ!Fon C6 thanks to FRITZ!OS 7.

Fully loaded with FRITZ!Box

Configuring the FRITZ!Fon C6 is so easy and takes no time at all. Simply register the phone on the DECT base station and you're all set. You can either add numbers and contacts for all phones in the FRITZ!Box menu or save them directly in the FRITZ!Fon.

Combine a FRITZ!Box that has a DECT base station and the FRITZ!Fon and take complete advantage of a dream team in the world of telephony! Together, all of the FRITZ!Fon C6's features are available to you, with new ones added via regular updates.

Carefree calling

The FRITZ!Fon C6 is equipped with latest voice encryption standards upon delivery. There's no additional configuration needed – You can use the phone right away.