Make landline calls with your smartphone or tablet

With the FRITZ!App Fon you can make landline calls via your smartphone or tablet. You benefit from your landline price, which is often a flat rate. The FRITZ!App Fon supports Bluetooth headsets, giving you complete flexibility when making calls.

Convenient phone calls

With the FRITZ!App Fon, it's easy to connect your smartphone or tablet to your FRITZ!Box over Wi-Fi and use it as a landline phone. This allows you to make calls conveniently from your smartphone via landline at home or in the office. Of course, with convenience features such as call list, internal calls or hands-free operation.

If you would like your smartphone to ring only for certain landline telephone numbers, select these individually in the FRITZ!App Fon's settings.

Perfect for remote working: HD telephony and Bluetooth headsets

The FRITZ!App Fon supports Bluetooth headsets. This means you have your hands free and can call your colleagues while working from home or catch up with your loved ones.

Experience conversations in natural sound thanks to High Definition telephony with the FRITZ!App Fon.

MyFRITZ!App, FRITZ!App Fon and FRITZ!Box – strong together

The FRITZ!App Fon is the best choice for making landline calls on your smartphone. Benefit from even more convenience with the MyFRITZ!App, which informs you about missed calls and new messages on your answering machine - at home and on the go.

Tip: want to use your smartphone contacts on your FRITZ!Fon? Then simply add your contacts as an online phone book in the FRITZ!Box.

For smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS

FRITZ!App Fon is available for Android and iOS and works on both smartphones and tablets. The app is free for all FRITZ!Box users and ready to use in next to no time.

To use FRITZ!App Fon, you'll need FRITZ!OS 7 (or later) on your FRITZ!Box.

Download FRITZ!App Fon