• Smart Home - intelligently control household devices

  • Splash protection
    Suitable for outdoor use

  • Monitor and evaluate power consumption

The smart plug for home and garden

Home networking outside your house: With the smart plug for outdoors you can control garden appliances with the flick of a finger, measure power consumption and create automatic switching schedules.

Smart Garden

With FRITZ!DECT 210 you can benefit from Smart Home functions even outside in the yard: Access the outlet via FRITZ!App Fon, on the PC, tablet or smartphone. Of course, this also works from elsewhere via the Internet or the free FRITZ!App Smart Home. This way you can keep track of everything when switching is automated, and always stay in control: Create single-time, daily, or weekly schedules, or set random switching.

Energy recording and splash protection

FRITZ!DECT 210 features splash protection and is thus perfectly equipped for use in outside areas. The socket can handle a few raindrops just as well as strong temperature fluctuations: FRITZ!DECT 210 functions smoothly at any temperature between -20° and +40° C. One of its functions is recording the energy used by connected consumers: Power guzzlers don't stand a chance.

All information also by e-mail

Perhaps you'd like to keep an eye on consumers at home from on the go. Then have the FRITZ!Box send you the energy analysis by push mail. This way you can regularly receive all information on power consumption and the switching status of your devices by e-mail.

Ready in an instant

Launching FRITZ!DECT 210 is a breeze: Just press the DECT button on your FRITZ!Box to register the smart plug with the home network. The individual settings are configured conveniently in the FRITZ!Box user interface.