Security with AVM

Security is indispensable — whether you're surfing the web, or using WiFi, VPN, DECT or telephony. AVM helps you find the right protection for your home and on the go.

Make your house a Smart Home; with FRITZ! products you can measure power consumption, control your lighting and much more.

With FRITZ! you have a powerful home network. FRITZ!Powerline and FRITZ!Repeaters can increase range where needed, while Wireless AC provides an additional speed boost.

The wireless network of your FRITZ!Box supplies the devices in your home network with the necessary data—without any cables at all. Take advantage of the private hotspot for your guests and the useful features for automatic switching.

Whether you play games with your buddies in a co-op or online with the entire world: the FRITZ!Box is the perfect gaming router. Check out our tips for gaming on different consoles and PCs.

Your FRITZ!Box can also be used as a telephone switchboard: use the integrated answering machine to operate all numbers individually. Thanks to MyFRITZ!, you also have access to voice messages and call lists while on the go.

With the FRITZ!Box you can stream your music and videos throughout the entire home network. With FRITZ!NAS you have flexible storage for your data, which can be accessed securely from anywhere via MyFRITZ!.

Integrate your smartphone into the home network to take advantage of its features in your own four walls. And with the private hotspot, your guests can also benefit from simple, secure access to your wireless LAN.

Keep your devices up to date with updates: Only with the latest software can you enjoy maximum security and use new features.