• LED light with smart control

  • Color light – control with ease

  • Easy to connect – perfect with FRITZ!Box (FRITZ!OS 7.20 or later)

Let there be color

With the FRITZ!DECT 500 your home is filled with all the colors of the rainbow. The intelligent LED light for color and white light supports DECT ULE, ensuring it's easily integrated into the FRITZ! home network. Together with a FRITZ!DECT 500, your FRITZ!Box becomes the hub of an intelligent lighting system.

Perfect light for any situation or mood

With its wide color spectrum and stunning luminosity, the new LED light offers lighting for any situation or mood. Simply choose the color you want from the large color spectrum or opt for plain white in various degrees of warmth. Thanks to the smart lighting control, the brightness can be infinitely dimmed and thus adjusted in any way you want.

Control your lights with ease

The FRITZ!DECT 500 can be managed in many different ways, including via the FRITZ!DECT 440 and 400 smart switches, FRITZ!Fon or FRITZ!OS (starting with version 7.20). The new FRITZ!App Smart Home makes it easy to control your lighting. Whether at home or on the go, with this new FRITZ!App, users always have their  FRITZ! Smart Home with them.

Easy to set up

In just a few minutes you'll have the FRITZ! DECT 500 integrated in your home network: Simply press the DECT or Connect/WPS button on your FRITZ!Box and the FRITZ!DECT 500 is automatically connected. The LED light is securely integrated in the home network via the DECT ULE wireless communication standard.

Automatic updates

As for all current FRITZ! products, AVM provides free, automatic updates for the FRITZ!DECT 500. The updates provide your devices with new features and the latest security updates.