• Smart Home - intelligently control household devices

  • Monitor and evaluate power consumption

  • Ideal for FRITZ!Box

The smart plug for your home network

Even greater convenience for your home network: with the smart plug, it couldn’t be easier to switch your appliances on/off via your FRITZ!Fon, PC, tablet, or smartphone. And, of course, you can even do so when you’re out and about via the Internet or the free FRITZ!App Smart Home.

Make the switch!

The FRITZ!DECT 200 offers a wide range of automatic switching options: you can schedule the FRITZ!DECT to switch appliances on/off once, daily, on weekdays, regularly, or at random. Or you can use Google Calendar to set when appliances are to be turned on and off. The sunrise/sunset function automatically switches devices on/off at sunrise and sunset.


Energy monitoring

The FRITZ!DECT 200 doesn’t just switch devices on/off, but also measures the energy consumption of connected appliances. You can display the current power in watts and voltage in volts, and you can also evaluate power consumption per hour, day, month, and year in kWh and euros and even calculate your carbon footprint.

You've got mail

You may want to keep an eye on your household appliances even when you’re out, in which case you can choose to have the energy evaluation sent to you via push email from your FRITZ!Box. This means you regularly receive all information on the power consumption and the on/off status of your individual appliances via email.

Ready in seconds

It couldn’t be easier to start the FRITZ!DECT 200: press the “DECT” button on your FRITZ!Box to register the smart plug with your home network. You can conveniently configure the individual settings via the FRITZ!Box user interface.