FRITZ! – Here's why!

Enjoy the benefits of FRITZ! products and services

1. Powerful hardware and intelligent software FRITZ! hardware and software are perfectly coordinated and combined, so you always receive latest technologies and innovations for your home network. Rapid Internet with FRITZ! works on every connection – no matter if it's DSL, cable, LTE (4G) or fiber optics.
2. FRITZ!OS – The operating system for the whole home network FRITZ!OS is the genius in the FRITZ! family. With this intelligent operating system, the FRITZ! team reveals intriguing potentials in your home network. FRITZ!OS delivers new functions on a regular basis. Renowned by the press and praised by users, the operating concept also persuades through its simplicity.
3. FRITZ!Apps The practical FRITZ!Apps add new functions to your FRITZ! products, smartphones and tablets. Enjoy mobile access to your FRITZ!Box and data stored on connected USB flash drives. Control your Smart Home devices conveniently or make calls over the landline using your smartphone.
4. Free updates FRITZ! products profit from continuous improvement, so your home network is always up to date. If you like, your FRITZ!Box can even execute updates automatically.
5. Security always comes first Keep track and full control of all functions. The comprehensive security concept of FRITZ! products protects your communication. It is under constant development and further testing.
6. Critically acclaimed Independent test reports frequently confirm the outstanding quality of FRITZ! products. To date we have received more than 1000 awards.
7. Top-notch support and guidance You're interested in a certain product or need help from our technical experts? Feel free to use our convenient online service. Our support team is happy to assist you. FRITZ! is always there for you.
8. Innovation and expertise in Berlin In 1986 four students had an extraordinary idea for communicating between computers. Since then, AVM continuously developed own products at the company's base in Berlin and passionately devoted itself to secure and innovative products for broadband connections.