FRITZ!Powerline 510E Set

  • Powerline up to 500 Mbit/s

  • Network with Fast Ethernet

  • Energy efficient - helps save energy

A practical set to introduce you to powerline communication

With the FRITZ!Powerline 510E adapter, it’s incredibly easy to extend your home network via your home’s power supply. It enables all network-enabled devices to be reliably incorporated into your home network and delivers fast, stable throughput for whatever you want to do – whether that’s Internet telephony, surfing, gaming, music, or videos.

Transform any power outlet into a network connection

With a FRITZ!Powerline 510E adapter, any outlet in your home can be transformed into a fast and secure network connection that allows you to extend your home network without the need for any new cables.

High speeds for your home network

The FRITZ!Powerline 510E delivers speeds of up to 500 Mbit/s in your home network via the power supply. It’s therefore a real alternative if, for instance, inconvenient structural features make it impossible to set up a stable Wi-Fi network.

Does a lot with minimal power consumption

Great features with minimal power consumption: if the FRITZ!Powerline 510E isn’t currently needed, it automatically switches to standby mode, but immediately reactivates when data is transmitted again. No matter whether it’s active or in standby mode, it only consumes minimal power.

Ready to use in a flash

The FRITZ!Powerline 510E couldn’t be easier to set up: simply plug the adapter into a power outlet and connect it to a network-enabled device with a LAN cable. That’s all it takes to set up the network – and thanks to the ex works encryption, it also has optimum protection.

Extend your network at the push of a button

If you want to extend your network still further, all you need is a spare power outlet and an additional FRITZ!Powerline adapter. To connect your new device to your home network, you simply need to push a button on an existing adapter – it couldn’t be simpler!

Multimedia fun

The FRITZ!Powerline 510E is also the ideal solution for high-bandwidth multimedia entertainment. The speed and stability of the throughput enable even HD and 3D entertainment in high quality.