FRITZ!Powerline 1220 Set

FRITZ!Powerline 1220 Set

  • Gigabit powerline with up to 1200 Mbit/s

  • Fast network with gigabit LAN

  • MIMO technology for increased range

High speed networking

Integrate your network devices into your home network simply using the electrical wiring. Using fast powerline for up to 1200 Mbit/s you can achieve gigabit speeds on both LAN ports without any new cables.

Fast data transport over the power lines

Why lay cables when you can send your data over the electrical wiring? FRITZ!Powerline 1220 turns every outlet in your home into a data freeway: Even large data packages race securely through the home network at speeds of up to 1200 Mbit/s.

Increased range for the network

The advanced powerline technology further provides for better coverage in your home network. Outlets on the margins of the reception area especially benefit from the high, stable transmission power.

Versatile deployment

Connect your home network players with FRITZ!Powerline 1220: Aside from PC, smartphone, printer, gaming console and stereo, you can also provide big data applications like network storages, Internet TV or 3D video streaming with fast broadband connections without sacrificing a power outlet.

Simple setup

FRITZ!Powerline is immediately ready for operation without any software installation. Simply insert the adapter into an outlet and connect it to a network device via LAN cable. Now your network is all set and perfectly secure due to the encryption upon delivery.

Flexible thanks to downward compatibility

Naturally, FRITZ!Powerline 1220 is compatible with products compliant with older powerline standards. You can even use FRITZ!Powerline with 200 Mbit/s or 500 Mbit/s models to expand the boundaries of your home network.

More power – less consumption

FRITZ!Powerline 1220 is more powerful than previous FRITZ!Powerline models, but still offers the same low power consumption. Thanks to the smart energy-saving function, FRITZ!Powerline automatically switches to standby when no data are transmitted.