Stream your cable TV signal wirelessly anywhere in your home

FRITZ!Box Cable and FRITZ!App TV are the ideal match. The integrated DVB-C tuners send free-to-air cable TV signals into the home network in SD and HD quality, transmitting them wirelessly. With the app you get the data on your mobile device.

Setting up your FRITZ!Box Cable to watch TV is super easy. Just enter in your browser and start the channel scan in the "DVB-C" menu. You can also access the FRITZ!Box user interface directly from the FRITZ!App TV.

Transmit cable TV wirelessly

It gets even better with FRITZ!Repeater, which extend your wireless network, allowing you to surf even further away from the FRITZ!Box. Since the FRITZ!Box Cable passes on the data from the free-to-air cable connection (also in HD), the TV signals are sent all the way to the furthest edges of your reception range, for example out on the patio. You can also watch on a laptop or PC using the free VLC media player.

Did you know? FRITZ!Box 6690, 6660 and 6591 Cable all have four integrated TV tuners, meaning you can watch live TV on up to four devices in your home network at the same time.

A match made in streaming heaven

The Live TV feature (DVB-C streaming in the home network) is supported by the FRITZ!Box 6591, 6660 and 6590 Cable.

The FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable comes with everything you need for your home network: a powerful telephone system, Wi-Fi 5 with Multi-User MIMO, IPTV – and all of it at lightning speed!


FRITZ!App TV is the ideal addition to your FRITZ!Box Cable, allowing you to watch and stream unencrypted channels from your cable provider on your smartphone or tablet.


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