2 May 2024

Spring with FRITZ!: Smart on the move

Spring is a great time to make everything that little bit more convenient and efficient, be that at home or out and about. Allotments, event locations, second homes, or wherever else – FRITZ! is with you for the journey, offering convenience and efficiency no matter where the excitement takes you.

Bring fast internet wherever you go – with modern mobile internet technology, that’s easy. A FRITZ!Box with mobile internet allows you to connect your devices and enjoy all your usual online comforts from any location. Whether that’s accessing streaming services, online gaming, or just browsing the internet – it’s all covered.

You get to enjoy the full FRITZ! convenience you’re used to, too, including FRITZ! Mesh Wi‑Fi, telephony via the SIM card, or VPN connections.

As your Smart Home hub, the FRITZ!Box enables a smart and helpful Smart Home experience, even outside your usual environment. You can even expand your FRITZ! Smart Home experience with Zigbee. This means you can access the wide range of Smart Home devices offered by third-party providers, making it easy to bring smart features to your second home or a longer-term vacation rental, for example.

Smart party

Imagine being able to plan a great trip or event with family and friends in a special location, and everything is automatically connected and activated as soon as you arrive. That’s now a reality thanks to mobile internet, geofencing technology, and a smart FRITZ!Box at your side. As soon as you enter or leave a given area, any presets or predefined actions for your Smart Home devices will be automatically activated.

Need chilled refreshments? With the FRITZ!DECT 200, a connected refrigerator will switch on as soon as you arrive – ready to cool any food and drinks you’ve brought with you. Want some music? Your music systems and other devices can automatically activate to set the right vibe as soon as you arrive.

Scenes and routines can be used to turn on the lights at sunset. With Zigbee integration, you have so many opportunities to create atmospheric lighting effects for socializing outdoors now the nights are getting warmer.

And when it’s time to say goodbye, and the last guests have made their way home, you can use geofencing to automatically turn everything off when you leave.

FRITZ! makes spring smart – allowing you to enjoy connection and convenience, wherever you spend your time. No matter whether that’s an exciting event in a unique location with friends and family, a relaxing weekend on the allotment, or a much-needed vacation at your home away from home – or even on the road in a motor home.

You can also choose to enjoy a smart spring at home, of course.
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