6 March 2024

Geofencing: FRITZ!App Smart Home gets even smarter

The latest update to FRITZ!App Smart Home adds a frequently requested feature: geofencing. It allows you to perform actions in your Smart Home when entering or leaving a previously defined area. Why not try out the many possibilities for yourself?

With the geofencing feature, which uses your smartphone or tablet's location data, you can automatically control your Smart Home devices. The FRITZ!App Smart Home doesn't have to be open, meaning your smartphone can stay in your pocket.

As soon as you enter or leave a predefined zone, the actions you've defined are automatically carried out for individual Smart Home devices or your saved templates are activated. This allows you to conveniently and automatically switch your radiator controls, lights or smart plugs and also helps reduce energy consumption.

Three practical examples of geofencing with FRITZ!App Smart Home

One example of how it can be used is´to have the FRITZ!DECT 302 smart radiator control increase the temperature at home. When you leave your workplace, the FRITZ!DECT 302 starts heating your house or apartment. This means that you'll have a pleasant temperature when you get home after a long day at work.

The new feature can also be used when leaving home: All connected lights and plugs are switched off and the temperature is reduced. Running around the house to make sure all the lights and radiators are actually turned off before going out is now a thing of the past.

Another example: You're taking a well-earned break and have switched off the heating and activated vacation switching for your lights and roller shutter control. When you get back from vacation, automatically switch off the vacation switching and all of your templates for day-to-day life will be reactivated at the same time.

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