25 March 2024

FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable - Zigbee on board

The FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable is the home network hub you can rely on, and comes with the latest wireless standards – Wi-Fi 7 and Zigbee. High speeds in the home network and an intelligent Smart Home with a wide range of options. Read on to find out more about Zigbee integration.

New standards

The FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable comes with the latest wireless standards. Thanks to Wi-Fi 7, the entire home network is supplied with gigabit speeds and is therefore optimally designed for real-time applications such as streaming, gaming, virtual reality and video calls.

But the special feature is the Zigbee wireless technology, which is directly on board. This means that many smart automations can be carried out with FRITZ! Smart Home products and Smart Home devices from other manufacturers.

Zigbee in the FRITZ! Smart home

Zigbee is a manufacturer-independent wireless standard that is used in many Smart Home devices. Thanks to Zigbee integration, it's now possible to register Zigbee devices directly to the FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable in addition to Smart Home devices from AVM and other manufacturers that support DECT ULE and HAN FUN. This opens up a range new possibilities with the familiar Smart Home features.

Zigbee devices can be configured together with all other Smart Home devices in templates, scenes and routines and switched together in the FRITZ! Smart Home. You can use the FRITZ!App Smart Home, a FRITZ!Fon, the FRITZ!DECT 440 smart switch or a compatible Zigbee switch from another manufacturer to control your Smart Home.

Possibilities in the FRITZ! Smart Home

The number of supported Zigbee devices is updated on a regular basis. From lighting, smart plugs and smart switches to roller blinds and in-wall modules, there is a lot to choose from. You can find a complete overview of compatible third-party devices in our Zigbee compatibility list.

This variety of Smart Home devices combined with the FRITZ!Box's practical Smart Home features offer a lot of scope for configuring intelligent automation for various purposes in all application areas.

Welcome home

The temperature of the radiator controls is increased in a timely manner as soon as you leave your workplace, so that it's nice and warm by the time you get home. In addition, your lights and Wi-Fi are turned on just before you enter your apartment or house. Using templates and geofencing together, it's quick and easy to set up these and other useful automations.

Gaming fun

The touch of a button is enough to get your next gaming session started. The smart plugs in the gaming corner are switched on, the blinds are lowered and the lighting is dimmed. Now all that's left to do is get your snacks ready, reach for your controller and start your game!

Vacation switching

Prepare your home for your next vacation: With scenes and routines, you can switch off the heating and activate vacation switching for your lights and shutter control at the same time. Predefined lights are switched on randomly at sunset and the smart shutter control ensures activity during the day – so your home looks bustling.