Multi-gigabit Wi-Fi is here!

Wi-Fi 7: even more speed with even more devices in the Wi-Fi and even stronger connections.

Advancements for all frequency bands

Wi-Fi 7 also introduces new technologies that increase the transmission rate and reliability in all Wi-Fi bands.

5 times faster than Wi-Fi 6

Thanks to the many exciting enhancements to the standard, gross data rates of up to 46 Gbit/s are possible in the maximum expansion level.

Simultaneous transmission on multiple bands

The new Multi-Link Operation (MLO) enables wireless devices with Wi-Fi 7 to transmit data on several frequency bands simultaneously.

Perfect for real time thanks to the low latency

Wi-Fi 7 offers Wi-Fi connections with extremely low latency. It's therefore ideal for real-time applications such as gaming, virtual reality or video calls.

An extra 6-GHz frequency band

In addition to the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands, Wi-Fi 7 also unleashes the full potential of the 6 GHz band. This opens up a new, wide open superhighway that cuts through interference.

Double the bandwidth

Compared to the 5 GHz range, at 6 GHz the maximum channel bandwidth doubles to 320 MHz, providing massive throughput gains.

Less congestion

Neighboring Wi-Fi networks or devices such as microwaves can cause interference. The “punctured mode” targets frequency ranges that are causing interference and removes them. Instead of closing the entire information highway, only the median strip is closed. Everything else can carry on down the highway uninterrupted.

Fully backward compatible

The new Wi-Fi 7 standard adapts to your current environment and also works perfectly with all older wireless devices.

What makes Wi-Fi 7 with FRITZ! so special
  • Wi-Fi 7 is perfectly integrated into the FRITZ! environment - all wireless devices work together optimally in the Mesh Wi-Fi, supplying you with top speeds.
  • Wi-Fi 7 is the next step! You benefit from continuous improvements in the future thanks to free updates.
  • FRITZ! products strike a balance between maximum energy efficiency and maximum performance. This means you keep electricity costs down and can focus on sustainability with FRITZ!.