Using the automatic update function

Automatic updates for your FRITZ!Box's FRITZ!OS are convenient, ensuring new features and more security. This means you'll never miss an update to the FRITZ!Box operating system and can use new features right away. In the FRITZ!Box user interface you'll find three options for carrying out regular updates under "System" and "Update" after clicking on the "Auto Update" tab.

Level III: Install new versions automatically (recommended)

The most convenient option is the setting to get notified about the latest version of FRITZ!OS and have it downloaded and installed to your device automatically. The FRITZ!Box chooses a suitable time for the installation, for example at night, and imports the update automatically. Internet and telephone connections will be briefly interrupted - after restarting, the FRITZ!Box will work with the new operating system.

Level II: Install necessary (security) updates automatically

This setting applies only to the software AVM designates as necessary, for example, security updates. As with the first option, you are informed that new software is available and the FRITZ!Box downloads the files automatically. Here, too, a suitable time is selected so that the installation will not restrict your use.

Level I: Notify me about new FRITZ!OS versions

If you select Level I, you will only get a notification when an update for FRITZ!OS is available. This notification will appear on the start page of the user interface, or you can set up a push mail service. Keep in mind that the FRITZ!Box will continue to work with the old version until you carry out the update manually. For this reason AVM strongly recommends enabling at least the option for performing necessary updates automatically.

More convenience with automatic updates

Automatic updates at Level III ensure you receive the latest features and security updates conveniently and reliably. This setting is therefore enabled by default. Updates are installed at a convenient time, mostly at night. You can also set a time period in which automatic updates should take place.

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