Boost the range of your DECT network with the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100

Depending on the size of your home or office and other factors, you may need to increase your FRITZ!Box's range with a repeater. This is not only possible for wireless networks, where devices such as smartphones or laptops benefit from the use of a FRITZ!Repeater. The range can also be increased for cordless telephones and smart home devices. Since these work with the "DECT" wireless standard, you should use a DECT repeater for this purpose.

More mobility, convenience and security

The FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 is the ideal answer to making landline calls in even the furthest corners of your own four walls. The inconspicuous device works encrypted, just like the FRITZ!Box, therefore offering full security and protection for phone calls or the transmission of measurement data, for example with the FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug. The range is impressive: With the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 you always have a strong signal everywhere in your home or office.

A reliable wireless standard

DECT is a long-established cordless technology and has been specifically optimized for telephone calls. Thanks to sophisticated software, the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 always makes sure your DECT devices have a stable and reliable connection to the FRITZ!Box. More about DECT's special features and advantages is explained in detail in our guide article.

Easy to install

Like other FRITZ! products, you can connect a FRITZ!DECT repeater to a FRITZ!Box at the touch of a button. If the device is plugged in, the search for a base station starts straight away - just press the Connect button on the FRITZ!Box and the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 is connected. By the way: If a FRITZ!Fon is connected to a repeater, you can recognize this by a small "2" in the upper left-hand corner of the display.

Check out FRITZ!Fon and FRITZ!DECT for more on AVM's DECT-enabled products.