Smart washing and drying with FRITZ! - Intelligent washing machine thanks to Smart Home

Smart washing and drying with FRITZ!

"I just got an email from my washing machine." That's not a joke - discover how your home appliances adapt to your everday life thanks to the Smart Home features from FRITZ!, and save money while you're at it!

You need just two things: a FRITZ!Box that supports DECT and a FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug, which the washing machine connects to. You can also use the FRITZ!DECT 210, which is great for rooms that get damp thanks to its splash protection (IP44 certification).

You can check the power consumption of your washing machine after your laundry is done or take a look at the current electrical output while your clothes are being washed in the FRITZ!Box user interface. You can set up a rule to make the FRITZ!DECT 200 turn off automatically when power consumption falls under a previously defined limit, for example three minutes.

You've got mail

That's not all: You can also set up push service for a specific email account on your FRITZ!Box that notifies you every time the smart plug is switched. Enter your email address and activate the push service for emails to your smartphone and FRITZ!Box. That way you'll know when your laundry is done and power consumption drops.

This not only has a positive effect on power consumption, but it's also a help for your daily routine: instead of waiting for your laundry, you can get other things done in the meantime. The FRITZ! Smart Home not only supports you in your everyday life, it also gives you more flexibility and comfort. It also helps identify big power consumers so you can replace them with eco-friendly models.

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