FRITZ!Box and live images: keep an eye on your home from anywhere - FRITZ!Box and live images: keep an eye on your home from anywhere

FRITZ!Box and live images: keep an eye on your home from anywhere

From the couch or the entire world

With a FRITZ!Box and an IP camera you own a perfect team to receive live images. You could check on your driveway, while sitting in your living room using your FRITZ!Fon. Just configure that the live image from your IP camera is transferred to your phone. The FRITZ!Fon then shows the camera image as an image sequence without sound.

Another scenario is the intercom system including camera. If someone rings at the door, you can look at the person on your FRITZ!Fon and open the door at the touch of a button.

You can use an analog or an IP intercom system with a simple IP camera for this. For this constellation it's important that the camera supports the JPEG format.

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