22 August 2023

Intelligent roller shutters in the Smart Home: no problem with the FRITZ!Box

Your FRITZ!Box works as a Smart Home hub to manage many devices in your home. Use the possibilities for smart roller shutter controls in combination with the FRITZ!Box for even more convenience.

Only as much sun as you'd like

When the sun is too strong, roller shutters can help. Cranking them by hand can tire out your arms – fortunately, they can operated intelligently. With the FRITZ!Box you can integrate roller shutter controls into your Smart Home. This way you can operate the roller shutters with the FRITZ!DECT 440 switch, for instance, or remotely with the FRITZ!App Smart Home.


The roller shutters can be set to always let the right amount of light through the windows at specified times. Using "Automatic switching" in the FRITZ!Box user interface, the roller shutters can be put up and down automatically at specified times. So you can let sunshine into the bedroom when you get up. The flexible controls also help regulate the temperature, by shading your rooms from the noontime sun so that they don't heat up too much.

Flexible control is also worthwhile when you're on vacation. In combination with the smart light controls, which can also be set according to a tailored schedule, you can simulate your presence so that it appears as if someone is still home.

Many possibilities

With scenes and routines you have the opportunity to generate a variety of tailored schedules, which can be triggered automatically or at the push of a button. A scene combines several related actions and settings. At the push of a button, the FRITZ!DECT 200 can be set to open the roller shutters and switch on the coffee machine when you get up in the morning. With routines you create if-then combinations so that actions are performed under certain conditions. As soon as a certain temperature is reached, the roller shutters are closed so that the noontime sun won't heat the rooms up too much.

Compatible roller shutter controls for your FRITZ! Smart Home

  • BoxCTRL roller shutter (Becker)
  • RolloTron DECT electric roller shutter belt winder (Rademacher)

Even more Smart Home with third-party manufacturers are listed at