17 May 2023

How to play video games remotely

Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes and has become increasingly important in recent years. But what can you do if you're not near your console or PC? This is where remote access comes into play.

Play from anywhere

Remote gaming means gamers can access their PC or console from a remote location. This is made possible by technologies such as remote access software (e.g. remote desktop) or streaming services (e.g. Xbox Remote Play). A fast and stable internet connection as well as a good home network are crucial for an great gaming experience. Network prioritization can also help optimize the connection. With these factors in mind, remote gaming can provide a seamless experience and allow gamers to play from anywhere.

Console games

The Xbox and PlayStation game consoles offer a Remote Play feature that allows users to access and play on their console from another device. Remote Play doesn't require a subscription, as is the case with cloud gaming, for example. With the Xbox and PlayStation apps, you can connect directly to your console, no matter where you are.

To be able to use the function, you need your NAT type on your game console to be Open. You can set the console up in the FRITZ!Box, so nothing stands in the way of a successful Remote Play experience.

Three options for PC gaming

1. Remote Play

Just like with game consoles, PCs also have the option of accessing their games via Remote Play from another device. There are a number of providers, with Steam being the most well-known. With Steam Link you can play your Steam games on your smartphone, tablet, TV or other PC.

2. Remote desktop software

Remote desktop is a program or operating system feature that allows you to view and interact with a remote computer's desktop on the local computer. Special remote desktop software, such as Windows Remote Desktop or AnyDesk, exists for most platforms and operating systems, including mobile devices.

3. Cloud desktop

A virtual desktop, such as Shadow, is an internet-based hosted desktop service. The desktop operating system and data are stored in a data center and are usually accessed via a web browser. It doesn't matter if you access it via a Windows PC, Mac, Linux or a thin client. You can even use a tablet.

The alternative cloud gaming

Until now, video games with complex graphics and content required a powerful (and expensive) PC or the latest game console. Thanks to cloud gaming things have gotten a lot easier and games can be played on almost any device. Find out what requirements need to be met and what you need to take into account in this article.