More data throughput with 2x2 MIMO

By using all three wires of a circuit, two senders and receivers each exchange data concurrently. As a result the data rate is upgraded by 60 to 80 percent compared to common transmissions over two wires.

Optimum connectivity with gigabit LAN

The integrated gigabit LAN port enables high-speed connectivity for your home network. Perfect for connecting network storage devices, smart TVs, and games consoles without the need for any new cables in your home.

Compact design – strong performance

The highly compact FRITZ!Powerline is a tiny powerhouse that sits discreetly in your power outlet while enabling outstanding network connectivity for online browsing, music, or videos.

High speed for your home network

Enjoy lightning-fast data transmissions and stable network connections in your home network. FRITZ!Powerline transmits your data over the electrical wiring at up to 1200 Mbit/s to every outlet in your home.

High-speed home networks

Enjoy high-speed throughput and stable network connectivity throughout your home network. The FRITZ!Powerline provides a network with throughput of up to 500 Mbit/s via the power supply from any outlet in your home.

Convenient user interface

The FRITZ!Powerline software allows easy configuration of all parameters and presents an overview of the adapters used as well as the available sending and receiving rates. The settings can also be configured in the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Convenient user interface

Access the device's user interface by opening a browser and entering fritz.powerline, or operate the adapter via the FRITZ!Box interface. It allows easy configuration of all parameters and presents an overview of the adapters used as well as the available sending and receiving rates.

Simple setup

You barely have to lift a finger to set up your FRITZ!Powerline. Plug in, connect – ready. Without needing to install any software, you soon get a fast and stable network that you can quickly and easily extend with additional adapters.

Network filter for stable connectivity

Data prioritization ensures you always enjoy optimum dataflow and high quality. The integrated network filter minimizes the impact of high-frequency interference caused by connected appliances, ensuring a stable powerline communication connection.

Energy-saving operation

The built-in chipset helps you save energy. The powerful FRITZ!Powerline models are known for their low power consumption.

Energy-saving operation

The integrated chipset helps you to save energy. The FRITZ!Powerline consumes less than one watt in standby mode, which it automatically switches to if no data is being transmitted.

Optimum protection

Security comes first. That applies to the FRITZ!Powerline adapters too. The ex works 128-bit AES encryption provides maximum security. The encryption settings can also be transferred to any new FRITZ!Powerline adapters, which can be connected to the network at the push of a button.

Integrated power outlet

Thanks to the one integrated into your FRITZ!Powerline, you don’t lose any power outlets in any of your rooms. All power outlets used for FRITZ!Powerline adapters remain available to provide electricity to other devices.

One adapter for two devices

Thanks to two integrated Fast Ethernet ports (100 Mbit/s), you can also use your FRITZ!Powerline as a multiport adapter to connect not just one device, but two.