Fiber optics with FRITZ!

High speed future with fiber optics

Fiber optics is the future of fixed-line connectivity. Via fiber optics, data can be transported over several kilometers by means of light pulses without any loss of speed. Conventional telephone lines still transmit the signal electrically. In addition, fiber technology is robust against electrical and magnetic interference and offers symmetrical downstream and upstream speeds. Gigabit speeds are already possible in Germany, while new expansion stages can be implemented more easily than with older transmission paths.

Freedom of choice of terminal equipment

Since August 2016, German law says that consumers have the freedom of choice to operate their internet connection with a device from their provider or to connect their own device. Users benefit from as it offers them flexibility and improves the overall level of security. This also applies to fiber optics as a new method of transmitting data. More information about router freedom can be found here.

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All important information can be found in our fiber optic factsheet, summarized at a glance.

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