Router freedom

Thanks to router freedom, you get to choose which model you want to use at home. Whatever your connection, you can enjoy all the advantages of FRITZ!Box.

The advantages of router freedom with FRITZ!Box

Runs on any connection

Be it DSL, cable, fiber optics or mobile networks – there's a FRITZ!Box for every connection.

A range of features

Benefit from all the features AVM provides for FRITZ!Box – from wireless LAN to Smart Home.

Pay once – no rental costs

There are no monthly rental costs for modem, routers or wireless LAN.

Save electricity

FRITZ!Box functions as a modem, wireless router, telephone system and Smart Home hub, saving you electricity and money.

Support by AVM

Get the best support, directly from the manufacturer.

Peace of mind thanks to regular updates

Automatic updates bring new functions and help keep your home network safe.

Setup made easy

In this video we show you how to get setup and online in five minutes. Thanks to freedom of choice, your internet provider provides you with the necessary account information, which you can then enter in the FRITZ!Box.

Switching to a new FRITZ!Box is also as easy as pie.

FRITZ! Clip - Connecting the FRITZ!Box in 5 minutes
How do I connect my FRITZ!Box?