Zigbee FAQ

1. General

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1.1. What FRITZ!OS do I need for Zigbee?

To display Zigbee devices in the FRITZ!Box user interface and in FRITZ!App Smart Home, FRITZ!OS 7.50 or later must be installed on the FRITZ!Box that the FRITZ!Smart Gateway is connected with.

1.2. Can Zigbee and Wi-Fi get in each other's way?

Like wireless and Bluetooth devices, Zigbee devices also use the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The different devices could therefore possibly interfere with each other. They may be interfering with each other if devices can only be switched with a delay, sometimes cannot be switched, or devices are displayed as offline.

To avoid interference, we recommend that you do not position the FRITZ!Smart Gateway in the immediate vicinity of the FRITZ!Box. It is better to position the FRITZ!Smart Gateway near the Zigbee devices.

1.3. What can I do if I can't register a Zigbee device?

Zigbee devices must be registered using the user interface of the FRITZ!Smart Gateway. The exact procedure varies depending on the manufacturer and type of Zigbee device. We recommend restoring the devices to factory settings before registering them with FRITZ!Smart Gateway. Refer to the manufacturer of the device for information on the procedure, for example consult the manual.

Note: To reset Philips Zigbee devices in the FRITZ!Smart Gateway's user interface, you need to enter the serial number and not the model number. The serial number of Philips devices consists of 6 hexadecimal digits (0 - 9, A - F) and can be found on the device itself. Usually the model number of Philips devices only consists of numbers and is significantly longer than the serial number.

1.4. Are updates signaled for all of my Zigbee devices?

FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Smart Gateway can signal updates for all smart home devices from AVM and also update these devices automatically.

However, for technical reasons, the FRITZ!Box and the FRITZ!Smart Gateway do not have access to the update servers of other manufacturers. This means that the FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!Smart Gateway cannot signal updates for smart home devices from other manufacturers. Refer to the manufacturers of the smart home devices for information on available updates.

2. FRITZ!Smart Gateway

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2.1. Can I use the FRITZ!Smart Gateway without a FRITZ!Box?

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway can only be used with FRITZ!Boxes equipped with DECT base stations and FRITZ!OS 7.50 or later. You can use the FRITZ!Smart Gateway with a Mesh Repeater if FRITZ!OS 7.50 or later is installed on the Mesh Master. However, you cannot completely do without a FRITZ!Box when using the FRITZ!Smart Gateway.

2.2. Can the FRITZ!Smart Gateway be used as a wireless repeater?

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway's Wi-Fi can only be used to connect it to the FRITZ!Box. Wireless devices cannot register with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway. The FRITZ!Smart Gateway also cannot be used as a wireless repeater.

2.3. Can I use cordless telephones with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway?

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway's DECT base station is optimized for DECT ULE / HAN FUN devices such as the radiator control FRITZ!DECT 302. FRITZ!Fons and DECT cordless telephones from other manufacturers cannot be registered with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway.

2.4. What kinds of devices can I connect to the FRITZ!Smart Gateway's LAN port?

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway's LAN port is designed for connecting it to the FRITZ!Box. Computers, televisions, or other LAN devices cannot be connected to the FRITZ!Smart Gateway.

2.5. What kinds of USB devices can I connect to the FRITZ!Smart Gateway?

You can charge USB devices by connecting them to the USB port of the FRITZ!Smart Gateway (up to 500 mW). The FRITZ!Smart Gateway does not support USB storage devices, USB printers, or other USB devices.

2.6. Can I use the FRITZ!Box password to register devices with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway?

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway user interface is protected with a unique password in the factory settings. The FRITZ!Smart Gateway's password is printed on the bottom of the device. The FRITZ!Smart Gateway cannot adopt the FRITZ!Box password.

2.7. Can I save the FRITZ!Smart Gateway's settings?

Yes, you can save the FRITZ!Smart Gateway settings under "System > Backup" in the user interface of the FRITZ!Smart Gateway and restore them to the same or a different FRITZ!Smart Gateway.

After you restore the settings, you must re-register the Zigbee devices with the FRITZ!Box under "Smart Home > Devices and Groups > Devices".