Release Notes FRITZ!OS 7.80

New features:

  • Innovative fiber optic overview on the user interface (see [1] for more information)
  • Detailed Information for fibre connectivity now available via push-mail

With each FRITZ!OS update, AVM also updates its security functions. Therefore we recommend performing the update for all devices.

Below you find a complete list and descriptions of the new functions in the latest FRITZ!OS, along with a list of further improvements in this version.

New functions of FRITZ!OS 07.80


  • NEW Detailed information on the fiber optic connection added to "FRITZ!Box Info" push service
  • NEW Reworked fiber optic overview for FRITZ!Box on the fiber optic connection [1]
  • NEW Simplified configuration through helpful hints about activating the FRITZ!Box for various internet providers


  • NEW Simplified configuration for connection to a fiber optic modem (ONT)
  • NEW The speed of the Ethernet connection between LAN 1/WAN and the upstream device (e.g., fiber optic modem) is displayed on the overview page

Further Improvements of FRITZ!OS


  • Improved Interoperability to various fiber optic remote sites improved


  • Improved Reworked DSL overview for FRITZ!Box
  • Improved ADSL2 interoperability problem let to connection disruptions for some remote sites
  • Improved Preset upstream and downstream values adjusted for internet connection on an external modem


  • Fixed IPv6 sharing settings as "Exposed Host" for devices with delegated IPv6 prefix were sporadically deleted
  • Fixed Problem with DNSSEC validation in FRITZ!OS
  • Fixed When an internet connection was reestablished, occasionally an outdated IPv6 prefix was not deleted on a downstream router
  • Improved Increased robustness of time determination (NTP)
  • Improved New provider "Odido" can be selected for the Netherlands
  • Improved Option for postponing automatic clearing of connection by the provider extended by adding a period that can be selected for "other provide


  • Fixed Connection problems with the Nuki Smart Lock
  • Improved Problematic situations during operation of VR headsets Meta Quest 2/3 improved
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance optimized


  • Fixed During an active parallel call, after a brief period the call was signaled only at the call destination
  • Fixed Termination of outgoing calls to certain mobile sites after two minutes
  • Improved Telephony more stable


  • Change Presets for the Deutschlandfunk web radio stations were updated


  • Fixed "Configuring the Internet Connection" wizard was displayed although the device had already been configured by the provider
  • Fixed Failure of switching from a FRITZ!Box Cable to a FRITZ!Box Fiber when using the wizard
  • Improved Loading times of the FRITZ!Box user interface for internet access via LAN 1/WAN optimized
  • Improved Stability

[1] New fiber optic overview for FRITZ!Box Fiber

FRITZ!Box Fiber models are receiving a new fiber optic overview on the user interface of the FRITZ!Box Fiber Here users can call up all important information about the connection, the speed, and the connection type and quality, and can even view their development over time. The new overview gives users and also network providers transparency for stable and fast internet connections.