Expands the FRITZ! Smart Home

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway is the perfect match for FRITZ!Box models with DECT and Wi-Fi. It's the ideal addition to your FRITZ! Smart Home. At the touch of a button, register Zigbee/DECT ULE devices and integrate them into your Smart Home templates, routines, and scenes.

Registering DECT ULE/HAN FUN devices

You can register additional DECT ULE/HAN FUN devices on the FRITZ!Smart Gateway and thus increase the maximum number of FRITZ! Smart Home devices.

Connect Smart Home devices with Zigbee

Integrate LED lights with Zigbee; numerous third-party models are supported. A wizard helps with installing LED lights registered at other base stations.

Works with your FRITZ!Box

Connect the FRITZ!Smart Gateway to your FRITZ!Box via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) or LAN. Use the FRITZ!Box interface to set up your Smart Home templates. Operate your FRITZ! Smart Home with the FRITZ!App Smart Home, FRITZ!DECT 440 four-way smart switch or a FRITZ!Fon.

Learns through automatic updates

Thanks to the automatic update function, the FRITZ!Smart Gateway regularly receives updates with new features.

Ideal in combination with


FRITZ!Box models with DECT functionality are perfect for communicating with FRITZ!DECT devices. Increase the range of your FRITZ!Fon or manage the FRITZ! smart plugs in your home network.



The smart plugs are the perfect addition to your FRITZ! Smart Home; switch them on or off individually or in groups at the touch of a button.


FRITZ!App Smart Home

FRITZ!App Smart Home is the convenient remote control for your FRITZ! Smart Home, at home or on the go. See what's happening with your devices and rearrange the app tiles however you want.

FRITZ!App Smart Home