Smart door/window contact

The magnetic door/window contact detects as soon as a door or is opened or a window is tilted or opened. Together with a FRITZ! radiator control, FRITZ!DECT 350 helps you save money on heating - and is therefore good for the environment and your wallet.

Flexible installation

FRITZ!DECT 350 can be mounted to almost any door or window frame. Many modern windows with Eurofold allow the device to be mounted "invisibly" between the window frame and the window sash. The door/window contact can be attached securely and precisely using the enclosed adhesive strips.

Trigger for scenes and routines

FRITZ!DECT 350, when combined with FRITZ! radiator controls, saves energy and therefore heating costs. All other FRITZ! Smart Home devices and compatible Zigbee devices can also be controlled with the door/window contact, so that a wide range of scenes and routines can be carried out.

Information about open doors and windows

The status of the door/window contact can be viewed in real time in FRITZ!App Smart Home, FRITZ!Fon and FRITZ!Box. This means you always know whether the door or window is open or closed.

Integrated in the home network via DECT

The door/window contact is integrated into your home network via DECT ULE. DECT ULE safely connects your FRITZ! Smart Home devices and helps you save energy. Configuring the various functions in your FRITZ!Box user interface is quick and easy.

Discreet and compact

The door/window contact is characterized by its compact housing and lightweight design. Thanks to its discreet design, FRITZ!DECT 350 can be installed unobtrusively on doors and windows - in the case of windows with Eurofold, it can also be concealed in the window frame.

Learns through automatic updates

Thanks to the automatic update function, FRITZ!DECT 350 is always up to date and new features can be added.

Ideal in combination with


FRITZ!Box models with DECT functionality are perfect for communicating with FRITZ!DECT devices. Increase the range of your FRITZ!Fon or manage the FRITZ! smart plugs in your home network.



Heating gets smart. Set the temperature with the FRITZ!DECT radiator control, while your FRITZ! Smart Home ensures the right temperature at the right time.


FRITZ!App Smart Home

FRITZ!App Smart Home is the convenient remote control for your FRITZ! Smart Home, at home or on the go. See what's happening with your devices and rearrange the app tiles however you want.

FRITZ!App Smart Home