Automated heating

Heat your rooms according to an individual schedule, so you'll always return to a warm home and can forget about turning the radiator on or off. Automating your heating routine means you'll consume less energy, which saves up to 10 percent of heating costs. You can also adjust the room temperature manually using the buttons on the FRITZ!DECT 302. 

Measure the temperature

FRITZ!DECT automatically measures the ambient temperature in the vicinity of the device. Via the FRITZ!Box user interface, FRITZ!Fon or the FRITZ!App Smart Home you can always keep an eye on the temperature - even while on the go.

Connect via DECT

The smart radiator control is integrated into your home network via DECT. It's easy to configure the various features the FRITZ!Box interface.

Automatic updates

Thanks to the automatic update function, the smart radiator control is capable of learning and new features can be added.

Control from anywhere

FRITZ!Fon lets you flexibly adjust the temperature in your rooms at the touch of a button, while you can also manage the FRITZ!DECT 302 with your tablet or PC. Group switching is particularly convenient if you're using multiple FRITZ!DECT, which allows you to change the settings of all radiator controls in the group at the same time. This can also be done with the free FRITZ!App Smart Home when you're on the go or online when you're at home.

Smart features

The sharp e-paper display is legible from any angle and is very energy-efficient. FRITZ!DECT 302 also automatically detects when a window is open and informs you right away. Plus, you'll receive a notification if there is a loss of connection or the battery runs low.

Small and compact

FRITZ!DECT 302 is characterized by its extremely compact design and can be used on practically any radiator. This means you can use it almost anywhere you want throughout the home.

Ideal in combination with


FRITZ!Box models with DECT functionality are perfect for communicating with FRITZ!DECT devices. Increase the range of your FRITZ!Fon or manage the FRITZ! smart plugs in your home network.



AVM cordless telephones have been specially designed for FRITZ!Box and boast a host of convenient features: HD telephony, answering machines, and new features made available by update – to name just a few.



The practical FRITZ!Apps add new functions to your FRITZ! products, as well as to your smartphones and tablets. Simply download the apps free of charge for iOS and Android.