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Access your wireless network, whenever and wherever you are

With the FRITZ!App WLAN you can keep an eye on your wireless network at all times. You can use the app to easily measure the connection speed of your smartphone or tablet at different locations within the radio network. The FRITZ!App WLAN also provides you with useful details about all FRITZ! devices in your home network and the existing wireless connection.

  • Extremely convenient to connect smartphones and tablets to wireless routers like the FRITZ!Box
  • Detailed evaluation of the current wireless connection (channel allocation, signal strength, etc.)
  • Visual overview of all nearby wireless networks
  • Displays wireless reception levels
  • Connect to wireless LAN via QR code or WPS
  • The FRITZ!App WLAN is available on Android and iOS; certain features may not be available, depending on which operating system you use.

The benefits of FRITZ!App WLAN at a glance

Quick and easy connectivity

With FRITZ!App WLAN, it’s extremely convenient to connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your FRITZ!Box. Thanks to a scannable QR code or the WPS function, there’s no need to type in any long network passwords or search for the correct wireless network.

Detailed information about the wireless connection

FRITZ!App WLAN lists all detectable wireless networks and displays various parameters, such as the encryption standard and signal channel being used, and the signal strength. The app also offers a quick overview of the most important parameters of the connection that is currently in use: the IP address being used, supported frequency bands, and current throughput.

Clear overview of wireless environment

While smartphones usually just list a large number of wireless networks, FRITZ!App WLAN quickly provides an easy-to-understand visualization of those nearby – including the relevant signal strength, allocated wireless channels, and any frequency overlaps.

Wireless reception level display and connectivity test

The FRITZ!App WLAN reception level display shows current wireless reception in real time, allowing you to check how good the connection is at your current location and, if necessary, to optimize your wireless network. The FRITZ!App’s wireless test mode also allows you to check the stability of each separate connection.


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FRITZ!App WLAN for Android

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