Landline calls on your smartphone or tablet

With FRITZ!App Fon, it’s easy to connect your cell phone or tablet to your FRITZ!Box via Wi-Fi and use it as a landline phone.
This allows you to conveniently make calls on your smartphone from home via the landline and Internet, and to benefit from cheap landline rates.

Access all your contacts

With FRITZ!App Fon, you’re not limited to calling your smartphone contacts over the landline – the app also lists the contacts stored on your FRITZ!Box, so that you can retrieve all numbers regardless of where they are stored. Alternatively, you can also choose to import all your smartphone contacts to the FRITZ!Box.

Constant access to your FRITZ!Box call list and answering machines

In addition to to all of your contacts, you can also view a list of missed calls via FRITZ!App Fon and call back right away if necessary. If a caller has left a message on one of your FRITZ!Box answering machines, you can also listen to it via FRITZ!App Fon.

HD telephony

With HD (high-definition) telephony, phone calls sound significantly more natural and human voices are crystal clear and transmitted in full detail. With FRITZ!App Fon, you can experience the unrivaled sound quality of HD telephony on your own cell phone. HD calls can be made to any HD-enabled device, including any of the latest FRITZ!Fon models.

For smartphones, tablets, Android, and iOS

FRITZ!App Fon is available for Android and iOS and runs on both smartphones and tablets. The app is free of charge for all FRITZ!Box users and is ready to use in a matter of seconds. It is set up via the user-friendly FRITZ!Box menu system, after which the app automatically adopts the relevant settings.

Download FRITZ!App Fon