4 October 2023

Stiftung Warentest: FRITZ!DECT 302 is best value for money

Germany's leading consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest took a look at intelligent radiator controls in its latest comparison test. The FRITZ!DECT 302 achieved an overall rating of "Good (1.9)" on a scale from 5 to 1 and has the best value according to Stiftung Warentest.

"AVM FritzDect 302 offers high quality at a reasonable price (58 euros) and is even operated via browser", according to Stiftung Warentest (issue 9/2023). FRITZ!DECT 302 receives consistent good or very good individual scores for temperature control, and finishes first in the "Usage" category with a score of 2.1.

Stiftung Warentest bases its cost assessment for initial investment on an apartment with six radiators. During the test it became clear: The FRITZ!Box already installed in many households serves as a Smart Home hub. Thus there is no need to invest in a separate control hub.

Starting to save heating costs with FRITZ! is quite simple: Just replace the old radiator controls with the FRITZ!DECT 302 and register it with the FRITZ!Box – this can also be done via the latest FRITZ!App Smart Home. Now everything is ready for operation and you can start saving right away.