29 September 2023

Here's how: Using Zigbee LED lights in the FRITZ! Smart Home

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway makes the FRITZ! Smart Home compatible with Zigbee. This provides for a wide range of new possibilities, primarily for lighting the home. For inspiration, here are a few ideas how to experience practical functions and more convenience in the Smart Home.

Get started: Connect and switch Zigbee lights

As soon as the FRITZ!Smart Gateway is connected with your FRITZ!Box via LAN or Wi-Fi, you're good to go: Connect a compatible Zigbee light with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway – with a simple press of the button on the FRITZ!Smart Gateway. If you would like to move a Zigbee light from another gateway, open the user interface of the FRITZ!Smart Gateway and follow the instructions.

Connect Zigbee devices with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway

Further integration into the FRITZ! Smart Home takes place on the FRITZ!Box: That's where the devices registered with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway are listed.

Zigbee devices are integrated seamlessly into the FRITZ! Smart Home. This means you can also switch your Zigbee lights with the FRITZ!App Smart Home, the FRITZ!DECT 440 switch, or a FRITZ!Fon.

Switch a Zigbee lamp together with a FRITZ!DECT 500

Zigbee lights are completely integrated into the FRITZ! Smart Home and can thus also be used in groups and templates. This way you can switch a Zigbee light together with a FRITZ!DECT 500.

Expand a group of FRITZ!DECT 500 LED lights by adding a Zigbee light with an E14 screw base from another manufacturer or a Zigbee LED spot. 

Switch a Zigbee lamp with other devices

Do you want to trigger multiple actions in the Smart Home at once? This is easy with a scene. Then you can switch Zigbee lamps together with other FRITZ Smart Home devices. Adjust a preset scene or create your own: Just select the desired Smart Home templates from the convenient wizard.

Scenes cover a wide variety of application cases: For instance, press one button to switch on the television and the LED lighting to accompany a movie night. In the fall and winter, set the lighting using Zigbee lamps and the desired temperature using the FRITZ!DECT 302 radiator control. 

Routines for comprehensive Smart Home concepts

Routines trigger Smart Home events when previously defined conditions occur, for instance, when a certain power consumption value, temperature, or humidity is reached – find out more about routines.

A Zigbee light could turn green when the power consumption of the washing machine drops to signal the end of the wash cycle. Have other devices react to the brightness or switching status of your Zigbee LED light, or use any of the other triggers to generate Smart Home routines tailored to your needs.

Good to know

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway integrates Zigbee devices into your FRITZ! Smart Home. You can then control them directly or integrate them into scenes and routines.

All FRITZ!Box models with DECT base stations and FRITZ!OS 7.50 or later support the FRITZ!Smart Gateway.