7 November 2023

FRITZ!Fon X6 rated “very good” by Computer Bild and Chip

Chip and Computer Bild have tested the new FRITZ!Fon X6. The DECT phone took first place in Computer Bild's comparative test, while Chip tested the FRITZ!Fon X6 by itself. In both tests, the X6 received an overall rating of “very good”.

Computer Bild: major DECT phone comparison

Of the five phones in the test field, the FRITZ!Fon X6 came out on top thanks to its "great features, huge range of functions and foolproof operation". Overall, the X6 impressed the testers and received a score of 1.4.

Chip: FRITZ!Fon X6 “makes a high-quality impression”

Chip magazine tested the FRITZ!Fon X6 extensively in an individual test. Here too, the X6 impressed with its “excellent voice quality” and “great features”. In addition, the testers were “very satisfied” with the feel of the DECT phone: it "fits really well in the hand and makes a high-quality impression." Accordingly, the FRITZ!Fon X6 received an overall grade of 1.2 in Chip's test.

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