25 October 2023

FRITZ!App Smart Home: Control your smart FRITZ! products

FRITZ!App Smart Home for your smartphone or tablet is the ideal remote control for your digital home. Want to quickly switch off the floor lamp in the living room, adjust the temperature of the heating or check whether your e-bike is already charged? FRITZ!App Smart Home can do all this and more.

See what's going on in your FRITZ! Smart Home at a glance: On the start screen you can which Smart Home devices are connected and, depending on the device, the currently measured temperature or other data; You can also directly switch plugs and lights, for example the FRITZ!DECT 500. Scenes stored in the FRITZ!Box such as “Coming Home” can also be controlled using FRITZ!App Smart Home.

If you tap on the tile of a device, you'll get detailed information: for example, the current power for the FRITZ!DECT 200 and 210 smart plugs. In addition, clear diagrams with the power history and total energy consumption are displayed in a practical monthly and yearly view. With the smart radiator controls, you can check the temperature that's currently set and you can quick select a new desired temperature. In addition, FRITZ!App Smart Home shows the battery charge level.

Zigbee devices that you have integrated into your FRITZ! Smart Home with the FRITZ!Smart Gateway are also seamlessly available in FRITZ!App Smart Home. New features are added to FRITZ!App Smart Home on a regular basis: For example, you can now easily register new Smart Home devices directly in the app. Further features are already being prepared.

Download FRITZ!App Smart Home for your smartphone or tablet now.

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