18 October 2023

FRITZ!App Fon: The landline phone for your pocket

Practical apps add new features to your FRITZ! products, smartphones and tablets. Find out here how you can use your smartphone to make home calls via the FRITZ!Box, at home or on the go – all you need is FRITZ!App Fon!

Make landline calls from your smartphone

Connect your smartphone or tablet to your FRITZ!Box and make calls with FRITZ!App Fon at a lower fixed network rate thanks to Voice over IP (VOIP).

How does it work? Open the "Telephone Book" in FRITZ!App Fon and you can then make calls to your saved contacts. In the settings you can switch between the FRITZ!Box telephone book and online contacts you've set up and, if you wish, you can also display your smartphone's contacts.

When a call is received by the FRITZ!Box, your smartphone will ring and you can answer the call from there. You can listen to your FRITZ!Box answering machine by dialing the quick-dial number **600 on the keypad. Thanks to the efficient background operation, you can always be reached - even when on the move via VPN, for example VPN with WireGuard.

New features with FRITZ!OS

The FRITZ!OS 7.57 update for the FRITZ!Box has given FRITZ!App Fon a new feature: you can now use it to operate door intercom systems! As soon as someone rings the doorbell, it's displayed directly on your smartphone. Depending on the model of the door intercom, only the sound is transmitted, or also an image or video.

Another new feature is support for Bluetooth headsets. This makes it particularly convenient to make phone calls, no matter what you are doing.

Give it a go

FRITZ!App Fon is available for iOS and Android and works on both smartphones and tablets. The app is free for all FRITZ!Box users and ready to use in next to no time.