Changing the MyFRITZ! password

You can change the password for your MyFRITZ! account right on

1 Changing the MyFRITZ! password

  1. Enter in a web browser.
  2. In the corresponding fields, enter the email address and MyFRITZ! password you used to register with MyFRITZ!, and click "Log In".
  3. Solve the CAPTCHA.
  4. Click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of the web page and then click "Account Settings".
  5. Click "Change Password".
  6. In the "Current password" field, enter the password you are currently using and enter the new password in the "New password" and "Confirm new password" fields.
  7. Click "Save" to save the new password.

2 Setting a new MyFRITZ! password in the FRITZ!Box

Starting with FRITZ!OS 7, you do not have to change any settings in the FRITZ!Box after changing the MyFRITZ! password. If an older FRITZ!OS is still installed on your FRITZ!Box, you must also enter the new MyFRITZ! password in your FRITZ!Box:

  1. Click "Internet" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "MyFRITZ!" or "MyFRITZ! Account" in the "Internet" menu.
  3. Click the "Another MyFRITZ! account" link to the right of the email address.
  4. Enable the option "Register the FRITZ!Box with an existing MyFRITZ! account".
  5. Enter the new password in the "MyFRITZ! password" field and click "Next".