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CAPTCHA (image puzzle) is not displayed

You cannot log in to After you enter your email address and password, the "Log In" button remains grayed out and the CAPTCHA (image puzzle) is not displayed.


  • The web browser does not load correctly, or a browser extension is preventing the execution of JavaScript on, or the display of iFrames with the CAPTCHA.

Simply proceed as described below. After each measure, check whether the problem is solved.

1 Clearing browsing data (cache)

Clear the cache of the web browser on computers with Windows or macOS:

  1. Press "CTRL + Shift + Del" on the keyboard at the same time, or press "CMD + Alt + E" for Safari.
  2. In the new window, click "Clear" or press Enter.

2 Disabling extensions in the web browser

For testing purposes, disable all of the extensions installed for the web browser (for example NoScript, ScriptSafe) that block active contents such as JavaScript or iFrames:

  • Google Chrome
    1. Click the (Customize and control Google Chrome) button on the top right of Chrome.
    2. Click "More tools" and then "Extensions".
    3. Disable the installed extensions.
  • Microsoft Edge
    1. Click the (Settings and more) button in the top right corner of Edge.
    2. Click "Extensions".
    3. Disable the installed extensions.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    1. Click the (Open menu) button on the top right of Firefox.
    2. Click "Add-ons" and then "Extensions".
    3. Disable the installed extensions.

If is now displayed correctly, you can selectively enable and disable individual extensions to determine which extension prevents the CAPTCHA from being displayed. Configure an exception for in that extension or leave it disabled.