Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ!

What is a Mesh Wi-Fi system?

Mesh Wi-Fi is a system consisting of multiple access points spread around your house, generating a single, meshed network. A Mesh Wi-Fi system is self-optimizing and exchanges information, improving the range and performance of the Wi-Fi for all devices in a household.

Mesh Wi-Fi by FRITZ!

A Mesh system such as the FRITZ! home network ensures users have fast, stable Wi-Fi, wherever they are at home or in the office. The communication between FRITZ! products (FRITZ!Box, Mesh Repeaters, powerline adapters) is improved, meaning settings can be synced and the performance of terminal devices optimized. The whole thing happens automatically. The FRITZ!Box is the "Mesh Master". It provides access to the internet and is in itself a powerful wireless access point, ensuring the best possible Wi-Fi reception. A Mesh network is a great option for large houses or old apartments, and with FRITZ! products it's easy to set it up and in a way that's tailored to the the user's home and devices.

FRITZ! products have supported Mesh since FRITZ! 6.90, and starting with FRITZ!OS 7 it's possible to use additional FRITZ!Boxes as Mesh Repeaters. This means that telephony and Smart Home, via the additional FRITZ!Box devices, support Mesh for the first time. All of the central FRITZ!Box's telephone functions are available for each FRITZ!Box that has been integrated as a Mesh Repeater, as well as for the telephones connected to the respective FRITZ!Boxes (Mesh telephony). FRITZ! Smart Home products also benefit from a FRITZ!Box that functions as a Mesh Repeater, as it makes it possible to use more DECT Smart Home devices (Smart Home Mesh).

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