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14 March 2024
AVM marks 20 years of FRITZ!Box

20 years of FRITZ!Box: The heart of the digital home is celebrating its birthday

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20 years ago, on 18 March 2004, AVM presented the first FRITZ!Box at the Cebit trade fair, ushering in the age of the home network. FRITZ!Box revolutionized the way people use the internet at home and continues to shape it today. Browse the internet safely and quickly, make phone calls, strong Wi-Fi for streaming TV and movies, online gaming and working from home – the FRITZ!Box manages digital applications in the home. Since its debut, the FRITZ!Box "all-in-one device" principle has proven to be a success and the FRITZ!Box now has users in over 40 countries. In Germany, almost every second household now uses a FRITZ!Box. Since 2004, AVM has developed around 90 models at its Berlin headquarters and produced over 60 million devices in Germany and Europe. From its beginnings with DSL for up to 8 Mbit/s, the FRITZ!Box has consistently evolved and now supports fiber optic connections with up to 10 Gbit/s. For two decades the FRITZ!Box has been tirelessly setting new standards as the heart of the digital home. Together with other FRITZ! products such as wireless repeaters, telephones, radiator controls or smart plugs and LED lights, it makes digital life easier for millions of people every day. To mark the FRITZ!Box's 20th birthday, AVM will be celebrating various FRITZ!Box moments throughout the year. Find out more here.

20 years of innovation

With the innovative combination of hardware and software, versatile functions, simple installation and ease of use as well as the regular free updates, AVM has been setting standards in home networking with the FRITZ!Box for 20 years. The FRITZ!Box supports every broadband technology, enables long-range Wi-Fi and offers a complete telephone system as well as a range of options for smart networking. Everyday functions such as parental controls, a guest hotspot that's easily accessible or settings for uninterrupted video calls when working from home are now taken for granted by many users.

20 years of plug & play and customer focus

A FRITZ!Box is set up in just a few steps and the user interface is designed to be clear and easy to understand for everyone. Both beginners and more experienced users benefit from the many setting options and extensive analysis tools. The free FRITZ!Apps expand the range of FRITZ!Box functions. The success of FRITZ!Box is based not only on its technology, but also on AVM's first-class in-house support. Thanks to direct customer feedback and close cooperation with the FRITZ! Lab beta tester community, AVM always has its finger on the pulse. Product advice, Support and Service on the AVM website ensure that every customer quickly receives the support they need.

20 years of secure internet access with FRITZ!Box - on all networks

Most people want two main things from their home network: convenience and security. The FRITZ!Box has offered both from the beginning. It comes with its own, completely closed firewall, VPN and parental controls. The FRITZ!Box's own cloud solution provides secure access to important documents, photos, etc. while users are on the move. Last but not least, automatic updates ensure that users can browse securely and stably on all networks.

20 years of responsibility for the product

Using the all-in-one principle, AVM has designed FRITZ!Box for sustainability right from the start. The need for a number of different devices such as a modem, wireless router, telephone system and a Smart Home hub is no longer necessary because FRITZ!Box users have everything in one device. Options for lower power consumption, such as the energy saving mode, are included. The same applies to the regular and free updates. This means FRITZ!Box users can enjoy new functions many years after purchase or use it as a Mesh Repeater instead of having to keep replacing and disposing of the router.

Where does FRITZ!Box get its name from?

The FRITZ! brand has existed for a good 30 years, and FRITZ!Box has been around for 20 years. It began in 1995 with the FRITZ!Card for ISDN. AVM has been making complicated network technology simple ever since - for the home and for "you and me". Everyone should be able to use the products easily. And so a product name was sought that is personal, signals closeness, and stands for ease of use and technology that's understandable. The name Fritz is straightforward and is fitting for a company that's based in Berlin. After FRITZ! and FRITZ!Card In 1995, the name FRITZ!Box was obvious in 2004: Everything you need for a digital home hub available in one box: FRITZ!Box.

Milestones of the FRITZ!Box on broadband connections

  • 2004 - On 18 March 2004, the first FRITZ!Box was presented at the Cebit trade fair in Hanover
  • 2009 - FRITZ!Box for VDSL
  • 2010 - FRITZ!Box for cable internet
  • 2011 - FRITZ!Box for LTE
  • 2016 - FRITZ!Box Fiber for fiber optics
  • 2021 - FRITZ!Box for 5G
  • 2022 - FRITZ!Box for 10 gigabit fiber optics