Press release
19 February 2024

An intelligent Smart Home with FRITZ!: The FRITZ!App Smart Home now supports geofencing

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The new version of the FRITZ!App Smart Home allows users to automatically control their Smart Home devices using geofencing. By defining virtual zones in the app, users can conveniently and efficiently control their radiators, lamps and sockets when they enter or leave certain areas, for example. The innovative geofencing feature uses the smartphone or tablet's GPS location data to automatically carry out predefined actions when entering or leaving the defined zones. The new geofencing function is now available in the FRITZ!App Smart Home for Android and iOS. Find out more about the FRITZ!Apps at:


Take advantage of Smart Home control with geofencing

The FRITZ!Box detects the position of the smartphone using GPS when it's within a defined area. As soon as the user enters or leaves the zone, the FRITZ!Box automatically starts the predefined Smart Home actions. Popular application examples for the geofencing feature include turning radiators up or down on schedule with the FRITZ!DECT 302 smart radiator control. This means the house or apartment can be heated to a comfortable temperature when leaving work. When leaving home, all lights and devices that consume power can be set to switch off automatically. This enables seamless integration of Smart Home devices and creates a user-friendly automation solution that also helps reduce energy consumption. Users of the FRITZ!App Smart Home can also set up push notifications for when they enter or leave defined zones, for example when arriving at their local train station. The requirements for using the geofencing feature are having location services activated, an active internet connection and a compatible end device with iOS 17 or Android 9.