Press release
19 October 2023

Updates for FRITZ!App Smart Home and MyFRITZ!App

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AVM is restructuring the functionality of the MyFRITZ!App. The Smart Home area is leaving the MyFRITZ!App and will be completely grouped in the FRITZ!App Smart Home. This gives both apps more space for future features and a clearer structure: The MyFRITZ!App enables users to quickly access everyday FRITZ!Box features such as sharing Wi-Fi with guests via QR code, listening to voice messages and accessing USB storage. The app also informs users about missed calls or new events in the home network. With the FRITZ!App Smart Home, users can intuitively control their Smart Home. Users have been notified about the features leaving the MyFRITZ!App for several months. With an update on 31 October, the Smart Home area will disappear from the MyFRITZ!App, making the FRITZ!App Smart Home the central app for smart control. Find out more about the FRITZ!Apps at:

An intelligent control hub: the FRITZ!App Smart Home

All Smart Home features from the MyFRITZ!App are included in the FRITZ!App Smart Home. The FRITZ!App Smart Home is the central remote control for all smart FRITZ! devices, at home and on the go. Want to quickly switch off the floor lamp in the living room, adjust the temperature of the heating or check whether the e-bike is already charged? The FRITZ!App Smart Home can do all this and more. At a glance, users get an overview of all intelligent FRITZ! devices. Scenes stored in the FRITZ!Box such as “Coming Home” can also be controlled using the FRITZ!App Smart Home. You can easily register new Smart Home devices directly in the app.

The touchscreen for FRITZ!Box: the MyFRITZ!App

The MyFRITZ!App retains its extensive convenience features, offering users an easy entry into the FRITZ! world. This allows users to quickly take a look at their home network, block or unblock internet access for individual devices (parental controls) or call up the FRITZ!Box user interface to access all FRITZ!Box settings. Users can also block unwanted callers, quickly access information about their FRITZ! devices or switch call diversions on and off. The intuitive user interface has made even clearer thanks to removal of the Smart Home area.