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Assigning numbers to FRITZ!Fon

If you have several telephone numbers, you can assign numbers for outgoing and incoming calls to your FRITZ!Fon. This way you can specify which number FRITZ!Fon uses for making outgoing calls, and which numbers it reacts to when you receive calls.

1 Assigning telephone numbers

The base station is used to assign the telephone numbers to FRITZ!Fon. If FRITZ!Fon is registered with a FRITZ!Box, assign the numbers in the FRITZ!Box user interface:

  1. Click "Telephony" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Telephony Devices" in the "Telephony" menu.
  3. Click the (Edit) button for the respective telephone.

    Important:If the telephone is not displayed yet, click the "Configure New Device" button and follow the wizard's instructions.

  4. From the drop-down list "Outgoing Calls", select the number to be used by the telephone for making calls.
  5. Select the telephone numbers to which the telephone should react when you receive calls. You can select up to ten numbers (including the number for outgoing calls).
  6. Click "Apply" to save the settings.