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Making the message key stop flashing

FRITZ!Fon automatically informs you about missed calls, new messages on the FRITZ!Box answering machine, software updates, new emails, podcasts, and RSS feeds. When you receive new messages, you hear a beep, the message key flashes, and the "New messages" symbol appears on the display.

If you are using several FRITZ!Fons, you can stop the message key from flashing on all of the telephones at the same time if they are configured identically.

  1. Press the message key on the telephone.
  2. If you received different types of messages, select the message type (for example "missed calls" or "Software update") and press "OK".
  3. Select a message and press "OK". New messages are displayed in bold.

As soon as you press the message key on a telephone, the key on that telephone stops flashing. The flashing stops even if you did not read all of the new messages. However, if you also want to stop the message key on your other telephones from flashing, you must mark all of the messages as read. It does not matter which telephone you read the messages on. The key on the other telephone will flash as long as there are unread messages on it, for example if it is configured differently.