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Using the announcement function on the FRITZ!Fon

You can also use your FRITZ!Fon as a receiver for internal announcements. To do so, make an internal call to the FRITZ!Fon with a different telephone connected to the FRITZ!Box. Then, make your announcement. Your announcement is then played directly over the FRITZ!Fon's speaker.

How to establish the connection to the FRITZ!Fon for the announcement depends on the telephone that is used. With a FRITZ!Fon, you can use the telephone's menu or a key command to establish the connection. If you are using a different telephone, you can only use a key command to establish the connection.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • The telephone must support en-bloc dialing. Most analog telephones do not support en-bloc dialing.

1 Using the menu to establish a connection

  1. Press the "INT" key on the FRITZ!Fon.
  2. Scroll through the list until you find the desired FRITZ!Fon.
  3. Press the right select key "Options".
  4. Scroll to "Announcement" and then press "OK".

2 Entering a key command to establish the connection

  1. Enter the internal number of the FRITZ!Fon you want to call followed by a *. You can find the internal numbers under "Telephone Book > Internal Numbers" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.

    To establish a broadcast connection to a FRITZ!Fon with the internal telephone number **611, enter **611*.

Now the connection is established and you can start with your announcement. The party you are calling can accept the call at any time and establish a regular internal connection.