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What do the two letters in the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) mean?

The two letters after the FRITZ!Box's product name on the type label on the bottom of the device serve to distinguish your FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi network from the Wi-Fi network of an identical FRITZ!Box model.

The FRITZ!Box already has individual Wi-Fi settings in the factory settings that are printed on the type label. This way, each individual FRITZ!Box has its own network key out of the box, and is already protected from unauthorized access when it is used for the first time. The Wi-Fi network name (SSIDs) is made up of the product name followed by two randomly generated letters (for example "FRITZ!Box 7590 XY"). If you do not want to use the FRITZ!Box's factory settings, you can simply change the preset name of the Wi-Fi network.

Fig.: FRITZ!Box's type label with Wi-Fi network name and network key