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Functions and features that can be used with cordless telephones

The FRITZ!Box supports the DECT standard and the DECT-GAP profile. The DECT-GAP profile allows DECT devices from different manufacturers to communicate with each other. The FRITZ!Box allows you to use all of the functions defined in this profile, as well as additional ones. Which functions can be used in addition to the ones covered by DECT-GAP depends on the telephone's manufacturer.

Gigaset compiled a compatibility list that you can use to check which functions can be used with different Gigaset devices.

1 Functions that can always be used

  • Secure ("encrypted") calls
  • Call waiting
  • Call rejection on busy (busy on busy)
  • Three-party conference call
  • Toggling between calls
  • Explicit Call Transfer (ECT)

2 Functions that can possibly be used

CLIP can often be used

CLIP is a function for incoming calls. If callers transmit their telephone numbers, their numbers are shown on the telephone's display when they call. CLIP can be used with all FRITZ!Fons and many Gigaset devices. However, AVM cannot guarantee that CLIP will work with telephones from other manufacturers.

Telephone book and call list can possibly be used

You can access the FRITZ!Box telephone book and call list with any FRITZ!Fon and with CAT-iq 2.0-compatible cordless telephones from other manufacturers.

DECT Eco is rarely available

With DECT Eco, the DECT field is switched off completely as soon as all of the cordless telephones are in standby mode. DECT Eco can only be used if all of the cordless telephones registered with the FRITZ!Box support DECT Eco. Besides the FRITZ!Fon, some telephones from other manufacturers also support this function. However, AVM cannot guarantee that DECT Eco will work with telephones from other manufacturers.

3 Additional functions that can be used in combination with FRITZ!Fon

If you are using a FRITZ!Fon, you can use considerably more of the functions offered by the FRITZ!Box than with a cordless telephone from another manufacturer. These functions include the following:

  • The telephone indicates missed calls.
  • You can use the menu to operate the FRITZ!Box's answering machines.
  • Calls can be establish directly from the call list or the FRITZ!Box's telephone book.
  • You can use the "Telephony > Anonymous call" menu to block your telephone number from being displayed when making the next call (CLIR).
  • In the "Telephony > Own telephone no." menu, you can specify a different number for the next outgoing call.
  • The telephones take their time from the FRITZ!Box.
  • The city or country name is displayed automatically on the telephone when you receive calls.
  • Entries in the call list of your telephones can be copied to the FRITZ!Box's telephone book.
  • Contact pictures can be added to the FRITZ!Box telephone book.