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Setting up a WireGuard VPN between three or more FRITZ!Box networks

WireGuard allows you to connect several FRITZ!Box networks at different locations over a secure, encrypted VPN connection (LAN-LAN linkup).

To connect more than two FRITZ!Boxes via WireGuard, you must set up a VPN connection to the central FRITZ!Box in each of the FRITZ!Boxes. You can set up the individual VPN connections as described the guide Setting up a WireGuard VPN between two FRITZ!Box networks.

To connect the three FRITZ!Box networks "FRITZ!Box Headquarters", "FRITZ!Box Branch_1", and "FRITZ!Box Branch_2" with each other via WireGuard, set up the following VPN connections:
- Configure a connection to "FRITZ!Box Branch_1" in "FRITZ!Box Headquarters".
- Configure a connection to "FRITZ!Box Branch_2" in "FRITZ!Box Headquarters".
Only if devices in one branch should be allowed to access devices in the other branch, configure a connection to "FRITZ!Box Branch_2" in "FRITZ!Box Branch_1".