FRITZ!Smart Gateway

  • Integrates LED lights via Zigbee

  • Increases the number of DECT ULE devices

  • The ideal addition to the FRITZ! Smart Home

Expands the FRITZ! Smart Home

The FRITZ!Smart Gateway is the ideal extension for your FRITZ!Box: It is Zigbee 3.0 compatible and integrates third-party LED lights into your FRITZ! Smart Home Easily control multiple Zigbee lights' brightness, temperature and color, and combine them with the extensive Smart Home features from FRITZ!. In addition, the FRITZ!Smart Gateway doubles the number of maximum possible DECT Smart Home devices and connects to your FRITZ!Box quickly and easily.

Your FRITZ! Smart Home learns Zigbee

Integrate Zigbee LED lights into your FRITZ! Smart Home – and use them in your Smart Home templates, scenes and routines. You can connect Zigbee devices to the FRITZ!Smart Gateway quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Alternatively, start the integrated wizard to connect lights that are already connected to another Smart Home bridge.

Your FRITZ! Smart Home now supports a wide range of new third-party LED lights for different lamp sockets. LED lights with a selectable color are supported as well as LED lights with an adjustable color temperature (check out the compatibility list here).

Cozy feel-good light, discreet lighting for a movie or game night or automatic light control together with FRITZ! radiator controls or smart sockets: the FRITZ!Smart Gateway can.

More devices in the FRITZ! Smart Home

Use the FRITZ!Smart Gateway to increase the number of Smart Home devices with DECT ULE in your FRITZ! Smart Home: More radiator controls, smart LED lights and switchable sockets for your FRITZ! Smart Home.

Practical features

You connect the FRITZ!Smart Gateway to your FRITZ!Box via Wi-Fi or the LAN port. The Smart Home features can be set up in the FRITZ!Box user interface and operated using the FRITZ!App Smart Home, the FRITZ!DECT 440 four-way smart switch or your FRITZ!Fon.

Updates, security, privacy

Built-in privacy and data protection: The FRITZ! Smart Home is at home in the FRITZ!Box and works without external servers or cloud services.

Regular updates for the FRITZ!Smart Gateway and your FRITZ!Box bring new features and ensure greater convenience and security.