• Temperature control

  • Save heating costs

  • Ideal for FRITZ!Box

The smart radiator control for the home network

FRITZ!DECT 302 conveniently regulates the room temperature and helps save energy. You can also use a smartphone, tablet or notebook while on the go. Operation is very convenient thanks to the sharp display and numerous features such as frost protection to protect your pipes from freezing in winter or boost for quick heating.

Easy to set up

The FRITZ!DECT 302 is integrated into your home network within minutes: push the DECT button on your FRITZ!Box to connect, and then mount the radiator control on your radiator – that's it! The radiator control is securely integrated in the home network via the DECT ULE wireless communication standard. The group function allows several FRITZ!DECT 302 to be controlled all together in one room and also be combined seamlessly with FRITZ!DECT 300 and 301.

Save energy

With an adjustable schedule based on your individual needs, you can define exactly when and how much heating is required. This means you'll not only save energy, but reduce heating costs by up to 10 percent. A new chip in the FRITZ!DECT 302 makes an extended energy concept possible, ensuring a long battery life across several heating seasons.

Convenience from anywhere

Want to adjust the temperature independently of your configured schedule? No problem! It's possible to adjust the temperature at any time, just use your FRITZ!Fon, tablet or PC. Plus, the radiator control has a button for changing the room temperature manually. When you're away you can use the free FRITZ!App Smart Home, which turns your smartphone into a radiator control. You can also access your settings online.

Automatic updates

Just as for all current FRITZ! products, AVM provides free, automatic updates for the FRITZ!DECT 302. These include new features, improvements and security enhancements.